SPECS:Each Casagami is composed with 2 main parts, One sheet of paper (the house) and an electronic device named "Solarmodule";

Solarmodule  main components :

  • 22x 37 mm amorphous solarpanel
    an orange LED
    a 3,6 V Lithium ion cell
    electronic circuit with automatic stop-and-charge system

Paper and printing :

  • 300 g/ m2 paperboard, PEFC or recycled paper.
    Green ink printing (imprim Vert)

More details

  • 60,00 kr

new concept of Night-Light powered by day light

Casagami is a «sustainable development» solarlight a small object oriented fun, decorative and educational to offer, to mount, to be decorated, to use ...Made in France, Casagami is made with cardboard..Easy to build, Casagami is designed for children and adults alike. The "solarled module" enables one to experiment with solar energy and to light the little house.


  • An exclusive "solar-LED adhesive module"
  • A pre-cut and pre-folded cardboard
  • Casagami is patented by Litogami.

Aim is to talk about sustainable development; this is the reason why Casagami is made following sustainable design rules :
Low carbon footprint: weighing less than 50 grams, and packing flat, the Casagami house can be mailed and delivered in an envelope. Recyclable: Products are made from recycled  or PEFC/FSC papers and are recyclable; printing is performed with green inks (Imprim’vert).Using renewable energy : Casagami is powered by its amorphous solarpanel and use a low consumption LED light. Social responsability : Litogami is employing people with special needs: Mounting and logistics tracking are performed by an ESAT (workshop and houseware)  in Paris. Products are Made in France.