Abitax - Outdoor Ashtray - 09 Umber Orange

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Abitax - Outdoor Ashtray - Umber Orange

This outdoor ashtray, designed by Kazuma Yamaguchi, is a perfect solution to stop cigarette butts from being littered on the street. Cigarette butts not only pollute the environment but also cause forest fires and its filters can harmfully affect fish, birds and other wild life. As smoking bans are spreading across Europe, the ashtray is even a perfect workaround for the after-dinner-outside-the-restaurant-smoker!

Furthermore, you can use it as a portable trashcan, e.g. for fishermen to dispose their broken lines or hooks. A must-have for the responsible angler.

The container is made of hand-finished and anodized aluminum alloy with a great texture in 10 different colors. It is designed to allow easy cleaning and to prevent the ashes from leaking. The sliding cap is made of engineering plastic, which retains its elasticity, and is equipped with a belt clip and an easily-detachable neck strap. The container is capable of holding about 15 cigarette butts.

Selected product of the Bauhaus Museum Shop in Berlin.

Size : 67 x 28 mm
Made in Japan

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About Abitax: Abitax is a great Japanese design group that designs fun accessory-type home and personal products. Abitax is lead by Kazuma Yamaguchi, who worked in Italy for 10 years as a product designer. He returned to Tokyo to establish his design office in 1986 and then the company Abitax in 1990. The ashtray was first manufactured in 1994. Small, portable ashtrays were produced in order to promote awareness regarding pollution created by littered cigarette butts on the street. It has sold very well and nowadays in Japan, it is quite normal to carry your own portable ashtray. It has a good seal so ideal for outdoors.